Application for accomidation at Kilbride homestead




Group leader

Date required

Nights required

Number in group

Emergancy contact off the island

Reason for stay

The house has a full kitchen facilitys gas cooker and coal range (Old Smokey) with wet back. Wood supplies vary as some people use more than they cut. There are two sets of bunks two double beds and a fold out couch Solar panels run lights. You will need sleeping bags and pillow cases. $30 per person per night.

Payment to be made in cash to the pilot or deposited into

Kilbride Family Trust 02-0924-0060679-000

Pin code for lock box at front door.


Turn lights off when not in use they run off a battery.

Use of a chainsaw is forbiddin without prior aproval from DOC

No fires out side

No candles in the house

Fire guard to remain on fire at all times

All rubbish to be removed

All pearshable food to be removed

No ureniating off the deck

Furniture to remain in its postions and in the house

No food scraps to be washed down sink

Complete check sheet before you leave